Staff info

Our staff members desire to know each child and family so that they can build strong connections and learn how to best work with each child, encouraging open communication with each parent. Staff is selected based on their educational background, overall communication skills, previous experience level, and their passion for working with children and families. Staff provide direct supervision (including sight and hearing) of all students during program hours. We will strive for additional staff when appropriate for certain activities and transitions.

Center staff abide by a Drug and Alcohol policy that prohibits use of drugs and alcohol while working, and prohibits being in any manner under the influence of a chemical that impairs their ability to provide services or care at the center. A staff person will be immediately terminated if this practice is not followed.

All center staff are mandated reporters and are required to directly report suspected abuse or maltreatment to the authorities. The contact number for the DHS Division of Licensing Maltreatment Intake Line is 651-297-4123, to report suspected maltreatment occurring within a licensed child care program. The contact number for Child Protection is 612-348-3552 to report other suspected situations of maltreatment (within the family or community).
The full policy regarding Reporting Suspected Child Maltreatment & Reporting Complaints Concerning the Operation of the Program is included at the end of this booklet.
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